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Café do Moço transparency report

As well as the purpose of fostering the growing of speciality coffees in Brazil, “Café Moço” also always works in a fair and transparent way.

With this way of thinking and concept of work, we have already achieved good examples of social transformations in the life of coffee producers in different regions of the country. We treat our producers with care and pay fairly for their sustainable coffee beans.

Before reaching our customers, the coffee has a long way to go. We know in many cases, some producers who are not able to cover the cost of production and, also, they have difficulty keeping people working the whole year to seek a product of quality.

We do believe it is very important to bring transparency to the whole process, and in this way, assuring producers can trust in the relationship with “Café Moço”. We want everyone to benefit from this process; producers and customers.

Therefore, we are the first Brazilian coffee to join and sign on The Pledge, from the organization Transparency Coffee.

Reference value – C-Market

10/12/2019: USD 134,00

To illustrate the social transformation that has already taken place, we are going to tell the story of two producers that show the way “Café do Moço” believes in the need to be transparent.

Jozeana Aparecida Santos (Cachoeira de Minas – MG)

Six years ago, Jozeana and her husband Francisco decided to make changes in farming to produce high- quality coffee, thinking of getting an increase in the coffee beans price.

Even with the changes, they didn’t manage to get a better product’s final value. Consequently, they started to face problems to keep the structure that was built for the plantation.

“Searching the Internet, I found Léo Moço. I could see that he was a well-known person, but we still had doubts because it is difficult to trust in everything you read online.

We didn’t know if we could trust the information. We search more and concluded that he was a person who was striving to do things differently than we knew how.

In this search, it always came up the “Sprouting Process”, and we saw that was the way. We didn’t have options anymore. It wasn’t possible to carry on in coffee farming with the price of the commodities. We had a good coffee, but not business.

Jozeane contacted Leo Moço through an APP and shortly she started to understand the post-harvest method developed by Leo, the “Sprouting Process”. During the harvest, she started using the method.

“A little later, Leo came here and made our coffee “sprouting”. I had never drunk a so delicious coffee in a so clean cup”.

And then, our partnership began. Leo secured to purchase our coffee for a good price, I mean, an excellent price.

The work that Café do Moço has been doing is not just changing the coffee, but, changing producers’ and employees’ lives.

Jozeane, with the new reality, was able to give a bonus to employees, and, in this way, encouraging all of them to pursue a quality of coffee even more special.

Our coffee has improved and our life, too. It is because now we have hope with the revenue that we are receiving. We bought machinery to improve our work even more. We managed to pay our bills, and the most rewarding: to help our employees.

Café Moço appeared to change our lives for the better. We had lost hope. Even making a higher-rated, more special coffee , we didn’t have a trade. Today, I have a purchasing guarantee for the whole production.

It is good to accompany Leo Moço during his visits to small producers, and to help to change the life of hard-working people who strive, and often don’t have their work recognized. There should have more people with this way of seeing the world.

In this way, we have “managed” to exist in the market. I am able to provide a better future for my children and, also, I can see their future in coffee farming. This encourages even our children to see coffee differently.

Luiza Araújo Miranda (Arapongas – MG)

The coffee farmer met Café do Moço through a cousin who also produces coffee beans. During the first contacts, she realized that it was an opportunity to change the reality of her family coffee production.

Luiza’s father, Mr. Zé Mauro, is responsible for the production of the coffee. He has already sold coffee beans to Léo Moço, in other harvests. But from the next crop, he will use the “sprouting process” in part of the production.

Luiza is responsible for the Sales Office. She emphasizes the importance of the partnership with Café do Moço. “They value our product. Leo and Estela are good-hearted people, modest and very different than other ones.

They speak “our farmer language” and encourage us to carry on producing speciality coffees.

The word “recognition” is always spoken by Luiza when she talks about Café do Moço. The family expects to continue growing the coffee business and meeting customers’ satisfaction.

“I wish that Leo Moço has a lighted path in life and can always give back to the producers. Leo and Estela are people who helped us to change our way of working. Now, everyone is motivated, because our product is recognized, our coffee is special. I reckon I can define this moment when we look ahead, as the salvation of our farming coffee.”

Um café autoral.

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